Personal Loan Agashi

A personal loan is an unsecured loan given to a customer by various banks and NBFC’s. The borrower can use it to meet multiple financial needs like planning your dream vacation, renovating your home, paying your unexpected medical bills, etc. The approval for availing a personal loan is rapid and requires minimal documentation. Personal loans Agashi are available to both salaried and self-employed customers and for availing a personal loan, your CIBIL score should be good, ranging between 650-720.

Personal loan Agashi interest rates

The borrower can get the best loan depending upon his/her capacity to pay back and the company you are working. Higher the amount of credit, lesser will be the amount of interest. The lowest interest rate for availing a personal loan is 10.75%per annum, which is even less than 1% per month.

Benefits of availing a personal loan

It requires minimal documentation.

The loan can be used in any way the borrower likes.

A personal loan is, and hence, the bank doesn’t need any collateral.

You can borrow money without using your valuable assets.

The loan amount gets disbursed within 72 hours.

Personal loan Agashi eligibility

A personal loan is available to both salaried and self-employed persons, and both have different eligibility criteria.

For salaried persons

First of all, residency: the person should be a permanent resident of India.

After that, the minimum age: the person should be 21 years.

Maximum age: The maximum age of the applicant should be 60 (at the completion of the loan).

Credit score: The minimum credit score of the applicant should be 700.

Salary: The salary of the applicant should not be less than 18000.

For self-employed

First of all, citizenship: he should be an Indian.

Secondly, the age: applicant should be between 25 – 65 years.

ITR file: The applicant should be filing ITR minimum of Rs. 2.5 lakh annually for the last three years.

Business: He/ she should have been running his business from the last five years.

Is Personal Loan Secured?

The personal loan falls under the category of unsecured loans, so there is no need to pledge any collateral security to the bank to get a personal loan. It is also beneficial to meet the urgent financial requirement of the applicant.

Benefits of Personal Loan Agashi

Personal loan requires minimal documentation.

Approval of the personal loan is speedy and hassle-free.

It is an unsecured loan, so there is no need to pledge any collateral.

Loan is approved within 30 minutes.

Disbursal of personal loan requires only 24 hours.

Interest rates are low.

Loan is approved within 30 minutes.

Applicant can use the loan amount the way he/she likes.

Documents Required

Salary Slips 

Identity proof: Aadhar card, pan card, voter card, passport, and driving license.

Residence proof:  utility bills and rental agreement in the name of the applicant.

Photographs: Two latest colored passport size photographs are required.

Bank details: The Applicant should have proper Bank account details of the last six months.

How to apply online?

First of all, you need to visit our website, i.e.,

After that, fill your necessary information.

Now, our relationship manager will contact you immediately as soon as possible.

Likewise, our relationship manager will compare different loaning schemes according to eligibility and will simultaneously, select the best loaning scheme.

At last, your loan will get disbursed within 24 hours.

What is the tenure of Personal Loan?

The applicants are free to choose the mandate of the Loan according to their convenience. It can be from 1 to 5 years.

About Agashi

Agashi is a village, located in the Thane district, Maharashtra. It belongs to the Konkan region. Marathi and Sindhi, Gujarati and Hindi are the common languages.

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