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 Best Bank For Gold Loan

There are so many banking and nonbanking and non-banking organizations in India which provides gold loans to the customers. Then it is difficult to choose that from where you should get a gold loan and which is best bank for gold loan. So if you are thinking to get a gold loan than be very wise to choose the bank for the gold loan. You should take care of the things like rate of interest, security of your gold, the reputation of the bank, amount of loan that bank is providing to you.
So let us discuss these points again and again


Rate of Interest

The rate of interest matters a lot if you are getting a gold loan. Because along with the principal amount, in the end, you have to pay the interest to the bank. So if you are getting the same amount of loan at low rate of interest then go for that.


Security of Gold

You are giving your gold/gold jewelry to someone then security is the important issue to you. Along with your jewelry, your memories may have attached, you obviously do not want to lose it. You would always want it to be safe so that you can get it back when you return the loan. So if you are giving your gold you the bank then be careful about the security policies of the bank.

The reputation of The Bank
There are so many banks in India but be careful about the bank’s reputation. There is a lot of risk of fraud. So search each and everything about the bank and its policies. Never take a risk to get a gold loan from the unknown financial organization.

Amount of Loan

You are also suggested to take in your mind about the amount that you need and what bank is giving to you. Always compare this amount with other banks and if you are getting more value of your gold at a same rate of interest then go for the bank providing you more amount.
Now let us compare which bank is best to get a gold loan.


SBI Bank

State Bank of India is well known and reputed bank of India. This is a government-owned bank. You can easily trust the policies of the bank. There is no risk of fraud. The rate of interest provided by the bank is very low. It is 10.15%. Further, the bank provides a charge-free locker to you gold and security are very tight.




HDFC Bank is a renowned private sector bank of India and one out of the best bank for gold loan. It’s interest rates starts at 10.50%. Bank will not charge anything to you for the security of your gold.
Bea sides these two banks if you want a to get a gold loan from non-banking financial companies than you should go for these two



Muthoot Finance

Muthoot Finance is a non-banking financial organization which provides a gold loan to its customers at very reasonable rates of interest. this non-banking financial organization is liable to the responsibility of your gold as well. Interest rates start at 12% per annum.



Manappuram Gold Loan

Manappuram gold loan is a well established non-banking financial organization . This non-banking financial organization provides gold loan also. You can easily get an instant gold loan here. Interest rates start at 14%. Security of your gold is fully assured by the company. There is no risk of fraud.



First of all, you can easily apply for a gold loan in any banking or non-banking organization here free of cost. Another advantage of applying here is that you will get your loan approved within 10 minutes and loan will be disbursed within 45 minutes. Therefore you just have to google and fill a small form online. You will get a call back from our side with all the required information about best bank for the gold loan. You can call on 60011600 for more information.

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